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I am a sociologist, visual artist, art tutor and writer. All my eBooks are 100% FREE. You just have to ask me and I will send them to your email.


My Udemy online courses are FREE at this moment. Watch them and learn several subjects: art history, how to draw, webdesign, filming techniques.




My Books can be bought at Lulu website. There you can order a paperback that will be shipped to your home fast through POD (Print on Demand).


Online courses are awsome, however nothing replaces 1-1 classes. I teach at my Carcavelos ArtStudio (Cascais - Lisbon area) and on Skype.



Lara, AirBnb

"This has been a super- experience!"

Glen Hague, Student

"One of the best teachers I´ve ever met"

Edla Stoffel, Student

"You really make me feel painting"

b&w drawing


A unique B&W drawing/ illustration style: hundreds of artworks made over a decade of total dedication.

Blue acrylic painting on canvas


Watercolor, acrylic, oil pastel, paintings on paper, on canvas, on old wooden frames, and many dreams.



More than a dozen books, about Linguistics, social sciences, poetry, comics, a vast written work.


My books at Amazon

Online COURSES :

My Udemy courses

I´m very proud to be a sociologist. It opens our minds to a different view of society in a very clear and innovative way.

ISCSP - Lisbon

Unique B&W drawing style. Lots of paintings on canvas. More than ten books, including poetry and Linguistics.

Writer and Artist

A true passion of mine. Video editing; art & illustration; image editing; internet services - and many more things to learn.

100% Pedagogy


Rua do Lima, 16, 5-B, Parede (Cascais)  |  Tel: (351) 96 584 88 43


GPS :   Latitude: 38.692524  |  Longitude: -9.343311

Coordenadas GPS :   N38º 41.55144  |  W009º 20.59866

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Francisc Capelo - Art Studio - Cascais