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. Art Analysis: Techniques / Movements / Artists

. 1st Class is FREE at Carcavelos Art Studio

30€ - each 2 hour Studio Class (or) 1 hour Online Class

( after 1st FREE class you decide to continue do paid classes or not )

Art Studio - Carcavelos (Cascais)

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Carcavelos Art Studio
Carcavelos Art Studio
Carcavelos Art Studio
Me by the window
Carcavelos Art Studio
Carcavelos Art Studio
Carcavelos Art Studio
Me - Visual arts studio teacher
Practical furniture at the studio
Bathroom - Carcavelos Art Studio
Coffee Table at the Art Studio

If you want to learn visual arts - Drawing / Painting, you will feel like home in my Carcavelos Atelier, Cascais.

I am an abstract expressionist painter. I like many painting styles, from Basquiat to Rothko or Tàpies.

I teach visual composition, not just technique. All art tendencies since Impressionism and all the XXth century art pioneers like Picasso, Mondrian, Klee or Kandinsky.

I have an integrated pedagogy:

1. Individual expression

2. Technique

3. Visual composition

4. Art history examples

5. Crucial similar artists

6. Art movements

7. Online presence & strategy

8. Painting contests preparation

9. The connection between styles

10. Art as therapy

The way you feel about your art is essential to me.

I respect you and your view.

Let´s work together to make you a better and more complete artist ?

I  will be your Painting Tutor.

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Art Lessons - Skype

( username:    francisco.capelo )

10 Advices for Artists (pt) - Podcast

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