Painting Classes - Skype & Carcavelos Art Studio

. Art Analysis: Techniques / Movements / Artists

Each 2 hour Studio or Skype Class

( after 1st FREE class you decide to continue or not )

Art Studio - Carcavelos (Cascais)

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Carcavelos Art Studio
At the Carcavelos Art Studio
At the Carcavelos Art Studio
Me by the window at the Art Studio
At the Carcavelos Art Studio
Some canvases at the Art Studio
Art Studio - Carcavelos
Me at the Art Studio - Carcavelos
Practical furniture at the Studio
Bathroom in front of Art Studio
Coffee Table in front of Art Studio

If you want to learn visual arts - Drawing / Painting, you will feel like home in my Carcavelos Atelier, Cascais.

I am an abstract expressionist painter. I like many painting styles, from Basquiat to Rothko or Tàpies.

I teach visual composition, not just technique. All art tendencies since Impressionism and all the XXth century art pioneers like Picasso, Mondrian, Klee or Kandinsky.

I have an integrated pedagogy:

1. Individual expression

2. Technique

3. Visual composition

4. Art history examples

5. Crucial similar artists

6. Art movements

7. Online presence & strategy

8. Painting contests preparation

9. The connection between styles

10. Art as therapy

The way you feel about your art is essential to me.

I respect you and your view.

Let´s work together to make you a better and more complete artist ?

I ´ m your Painting Tutor.

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Art Lessons - Skype

( username:    francisco.capelo )

10 Advices for Artists (pt)

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