why the west is Not the best

why the west is Not the best

river poems

river poems

language pipes

language pipes

metaphor mass media

metaphor mass media


i´ve been writing for more than a decade.

My abstract art paintings are different from my black and white drawings, and the quality ebooks I write are also very different.

from novels (shamanism trilogy finally complete!!) to linguistics, modern art or mass media, my subjects are vast - enjoy !   :-)

16 Books - A Magic Mountain

Trilogy - 1st. book
Trilogy - 2nd. book

a social sciences student is going to understand more than he would have liked to.


a knowledge game that has gone too far; and the beginning of a great adventure.


a story of our times.

this is the second part of "Shaman".


a group of specialists is going to witness a mind game.


the greatest sports events are going to be something very different...

Trilogy - 3rd. book
"Language pipes"

the third book of Shamanism trilogy


the contemporary society mess

one decade after, and this will be just a starting point..

all the linguistics´ concepts are false.

this is the "truth" the author tries to prove, with the help of... visual arts.


confused ? don´t be: read this book and u will understand.


Communication Media. "Metaphor Mass Media"
Sociology & Anthropology.
"Why the West is not the Best"

the media.


further than McLuhan.


why we can´t trust them !

the 1st book i have written. i dig it a lot.

anthropology, linguistics, family structures, architecture and many other subjects.

"Your words are fair, Francisco" - Edgar Morin

Art History.
"Porque morri?"
Contemporary Art.
"Mitos da Arte"

the story of the modern art pioneers

their true motivations


- without marchands and galerists and auction houses´ interests

an explosive book about contemporary art world


once again, a contradiction between modern art main artists and the middle man/ economical powers

Society articles.
"Ideias a La Carte"
"Poemas do Rio"

blog posts about art, education system, politics and the excessive power of mass media

from Portugal to the world


- the same power balance confusion..

the summary of about 7 years of total commitment to poetry


river - water - past - present - future - nature - being - thought


a crucial book

Comics book.
"Madman walking"

a revelation/ revolution in comic books industry

finally the visual arts history arrive to these kind of mass produced objects..

cinema - NEVERMORE..

Compared Religions.
"The Rational Religion"

why the 3 "religions of the book" offer a deeply equal spiritual option to human beings


and also why animism/ shamanism represents a real solution for religious belief

Art advices book.
"Advice 4 the young at Art"

timeless wisdom: a sociologist and visual teacher formulates for the first time ideas that apply to every art shape

inspired by John Berger, Tàpies, Kandinsky and Klee, f. Capelo redefines creative sensitivity for a forgotten generation

B&W Coloring book.
"Black Magic"

the coloring book you were waiting for: a decade of total dedication to Black & White magical drawings on paper


pure black ink pen, and a totally unique artistic style

My Story/ My Way
"Percurso Artístico"
Comics for grown ups
"Comics 4 depressed"

the long travel inside of me: from childhood to "adult" stage


This is the story of my life


and know what ? I´m proud of who I am

just a human being who adores 2 live & learn

"A brilliant book" - dr. Rui Rocha Martins

i don´t doubt this will be The book used in psychological therapies from now on

welcome to madness - welcome to us all

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Francisc Capelo - Art Studio - Cascais